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Why a homecare shower cabin?

About the home care shower cabin

A care shower is designed to help people who need extra care when taking a shower. These may include seniors, people with disabilities or people with limited mobility. A home care shower stall can be a huge help for these individuals. It enables them to shower in a safe and comfortable way.

A care shower is mobile and can op multiple locations in the house. Eand care shower is then a more cost-effective alternative to a stair lift or complete bathroom remodelling. That way, an adapted home is no longer necessary.

The features that make a homecare shower cabin special

A care shower is often equipped with various features and accessories. These are designed to accommodate the needs of people with limited mobility. For example, a care shower can be equipped with a seat, allowing users to sit while showering. This can be especially useful for people who have difficulty standing for long periods of time.

Other features often found on healthcare showers are handles and supports. These are designed to provide users with extra grip and stability while showering. This makes them less likely to slip or fall. This is especially important for people who have difficulty keeping their balance.

Some healthcare showers are also equipped with non-slip mats or surfaces. These surface treatments provide extra grip for users and further reduce the risk of slips and falls. 

Another feature of healthcare showers is that they are larger than regular showers. This gives users more room to manoeuvre. This can be especially useful for people in wheelchairs or with rollators. In addition, some care showers come with a special ramp. This ramp makes it easier to enter the shower. 

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As it is necessary for some people to shower with the help of a carer, there are also care showers with low folding doors or a low shower curtain. These make it easy for such a carer to provide assistance while showering as they can more easily reach their patient and/or shower attributes. 

Finally, there are also home care shower cabins equipped with advanced features, such as temperature control. These features allow users to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water according to their individual preferences and needs. Such functionalities prevent a person from injury due to too hot water coming out of the shower head.

Home care shower stall in house or do I need to remodel?

Someone who wants a care shower at home is faced with a difficult choice: converting the current bathroom into a care bathroom or installing a (mobile) care shower at home. When renovating, one is often bound to the current location of the bathroom. The mobile homecare shower cabin, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere in the house as long as there is a tap in a nearby room. 

A mobile care shower offers an advantage when the current bathroom is on a higher floor and has become less accessible. In that case, installing a stairlift is unnecessary because the mobile care shower can be placed in an accessible place such as the living room. This cost saving often saves thousands of euros and is particularly advantageous if the period of care is temporary. 

 In long-term care, a care bathroom offers advantages, especially with years rather than months. If the latter is not the case, any costs of a stairlift will have to be taken into account.

Service, installation & dismantling

Choose a flexible company that adapts to your requirements and needs to receive the right service. Clear communication and expertise of the installation company are important features in this regard that make installation at the desired location easy. Mobile care showers use pumps and connections that can leak or stop working. Therefore, you want to be able to contact them easily and quickly when such an accident occurs unexpectedly.

 It is also not unimportant to think about how long you are going to need the shower. Don't want to be stuck with a long contract with unnecessary costs? Then it is also desirable to be able to agree on flexible rental periods that you can extend as you wish until your period of care is over.

Is it better to rent or buy?

Whether it is cheaper to rent or buy a care shower depends on several factors, such as the length of the rental period, the rental price and the purchase price of the care shower. What is also decisive in your choice is whether the cost, or part of the cost, is reimbursed by your municipality or health insurer. 

If you only need the care shower for a short period of time, renting a care shower may be a better option. This could be the case, for example, if you need temporary extra support when showering after an operation. In this case, you can still shower comfortably with a care shower without remodelling. 

However, if you expect to use the care shower long-term, buying a care shower may be cheaper in the long run. By buying a care shower, you will pay the often high initial cost upfront, but you will not have to pay monthly rental fees. This is only advantageous if you need the care shower over a period of years rather than months.


In conclusion, a care shower offers numerous benefits for people with limited mobility. It can help them remain independent and shower safely, without having to worry about the risk of falling or injury. There are many different types of care showers available, so it is important to look for a model that best suits your individual needs and budget. The flexibility and accessibility of a mobile care shower offers an advantage over a care bathroom when it is located on a higher floor. In case of a temporary period of care, renting a care shower is often cheaper.

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