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Shower installation

Yes, our showers are watertight and can therefore be used anywhere. When stepping out of the shower, we recommend placing a bath mat or towel in front of the shower to catch any water drops from stepping out. If the shower is not on tiles, we put a prevention tray under the shower for safety reasons.
The shower itself is 90 x 90 x 205 cm. Is a hot water supply also installed? Then the shower takes up a little more space. The fitter needs 120 x 120 x 210 cm to assemble the shower.

Of course! We ensure that your washing machine/dishwasher, etc. can still be used. The tap and drain are provided with an adapter which ensures that both the shower and your washing machine are connected to the tap and drain. So you can just use the washing machine during the rental period of your temporary shower!

That is certainly possible. If there is only a cold water connection nearby, we will provide a hot water supply free of charge. With a capacity of 50 litres, it ensures that your whole family can shower without any problems.

No, the amount of steam coming from the temporary shower is low and not enough to cause damage to your ceiling. We always treat our customers' homes with respect and care, so we have never had any complaints from customers about steam damage. 

The cabin cannot be placed outside, because it is open at the top. In summer we sometimes place showers outside under shelters.

Hygiene is very important to us and a matter of course. Our showers are cleaned thoroughly and professionally, therefore our showers are always clean on delivery and we do not charge for this.

No, our shower cubicle has three completely closed walls with a shower curtain at the front. 

If there is no drain, the water can be pumped away using an automatic drain pump. Examples of where the wastewater can be pumped away are the washing machine drain, the central heating drain, the sink or outside.

If you use the shower for a longer period of time, soap residue in the pump and hoses may leave a foul odour. We recommend running the shower with a generous splash of all-purpose cleaner for three minutes after you have finished. This dissolves all soap residues and flushes them away.

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