Temporary Shower

Our Temporary Shower

Shower service has robust shower cabins. The temporary shower is waterproof and can be placed anywhere. In this way, we can respond flexibly to your personal situation. Thus, the shower is very suitable for comfortably bridging a bathroom renovation.

Generous dimensions

Our mobile shower cabins measure 90 x 90 x 205 cm. We require 120 x 120 cm of free space to install the shower cabin. Thanks to the generous dimensions, our temporary shower is very pleasant to use.


Water drainage

The waste water from the shower cabin can be pumped anywhere thanks to our automatic drain pumps. Examples include the sink or the drain of the washing machine or central heating boiler. Appliances that share the drain with the shower remain fully usable, even when showering.

Water connection

The shower can be supplied with hot and cold water through any kind of tap. Think of the washing machine tap, kitchen tap, outdoor tap, etc. If another appliance is also connected to the same tap, it remains fully functional, even when showering.

Our Service

Icon of our hot water supplies boiler

Hot water supply

Thanks to our own hot water supply, Shower Service ensures that you always have hot showers. So a location near a cold water tap is also no problem for us.

Icon indicating that the showers can be placed anywhere in the house

Can be placed anywhere

Our robust shower cabins are waterproof and can be built on site. This allows us to place the shower anywhere in the house, wherever it suits you best.

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Our technicians are on the road 7 days a week, both during the day and at night. This allows us to come by at a time that suits you best.


Hygiene is a top priority for Shower Service. Thus, we take several measures to ensure the hygiene of our showers.

Our workshop employee while cleaning the showers

Top service

We did not choose our name at random. We combine the provision of a temporary shower with the best service.

Our service engineers during installation

Complete Installation

We take care of the complete installation and will not leave until you have a fully functional shower. This also includes dismantling after use and any shifting of furniture.

Our customer service

Clear Price

Our price structure is simple, and everything is including VAT. Furthermore, all services are included in the total price. Therefore, you will not encounter hidden costs.

Our Service, with Shower.

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