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Renting a mobile shower cabin

Are you renovating your bathroom at home and therefore temporarily unable to use your shower? That is an annoying side-effect, but fortunately there is a good solution. At Doucheservice you can get a mobile shower cabin for your home. Rent. With our branches in Delft, Leek and Nijmegen, we install shower cabins throughout the Netherlands. We call it a mobile shower cabin because we can place it anywhere in the house. This could be in the living room, kitchen, shed or even the attic. We easily arrange the water supply and drainage via existing taps and drains in the house. Even if you do not have hot water at the shower location, we will provide your own hot water supply. So you can always have a hot shower, even at no extra cost. 

Initially, you rent for a fortnight, but if the renovation takes longer or you want to rent the shower for longer, no problem, you can always extend. After the hire period, we dismantle the mobile shower cabin and leave the location as we found it before the hire. So you can always continue to shower at home, even during a renovation or refurbishment.

The shower cubicle

Do you want a mobile shower box hire so that you can continue to shower at your convenience during renovation, refurbishment or rehabilitation? Then you have come to the right place. We will provide you with a completely clean, neat mobile shower cabin in which you can take a lovely shower. Our showers are very spacious and hygienic. The shower cabin is made of a special plastic that makes it extra clean. If something does not work properly during the rental period, we will come and fix it for you. We supply our mobile shower cabins at transparent and clear prices without unexpected costs. Would you like to hire a mobile shower cabin right away? Then go to our website for more information, the booking form or to contact with us.

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