Shower service at Paul picks out

Shower service at 'Paul packs out'

Paul pakt uit! is a Dutch television programme that was broadcast weekly on RTL4. In the show, well-known Dutchman Paul de Leeuw is the presenter and receives many an audience in the studio every week with various wishes. People can send their wishes for themselves or as a surprise for someone else. During the programme, Paul makes these wishes come true. In episode 1, Shower Service dropped by to make a wish possible in the studio.

Shower service showering in the studio

One of the people who had sent in a wish was Julian's father. Julian is a huge fan of the singer Nelson and now it is that he mainly sings Nelson's songs in the shower. Paul first gave him concert tickets to a show by the singer Nelson. Then Paul asked if Julian would sing the song 'Sexy when I dance' in the shower. But of course, this shower requires hot water otherwise it would be an unpleasant experience for Julian. But fortunately, it was the case that Shower Service had been asked to provide this hot water supply for the show, and they did.

What preceded the show 'Paul unpacks'

With the hot water supply in the bus, Doucheservice went to Almere. Of course, some photos had to be taken here and there. The hot water supply was installed neatly and smoothly, and during the show the hot water supply worked perfectly. Julian could take a nice hot shower and he was very happy with the fulfilment of his wish in the programme 'Paul pakt uit'. After visiting the studio and delivering the hot water supply, it was time to go to Delft again. The hot water supply was loaded back into the company bus and the journey could begin. The show was then recorded and Julian was able to take a hot shower while singing 'Sexy as I dance'.

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