Rent a shower truck

Choice between a shower trolley and a mobile shower

You are going to rebuild, renovate or there is another situation in which you cannot use your own shower. A logical choice would then be to look for a temporary solution, such as hiring a shower trolley. However, a shower trolley is very large and awkward, and you can't just leave it in the garden. Let alone in the house. So you will have to leave your house and go out into the street or garden every time you take a shower. There are also awkwardly long supply and drainage hoses running to and from the shower trolley. Thus, renting a shower trolley will make the renovation an even less pleasant experience. But what is the solution?

Mobile shower cabin rental

Shower service rents out temporary mobile shower cabins that can be completely dismantled and placed anywhere indoors. For example, in the attic, living room, kitchen, bedroom or garage. The luxury shower cabin is fully installed at your desired location completely free of charge. No hot water? No problem. Thanks to our hot water facilities, which we can supply free of charge, you can take a nice hot shower. So you can still start every day fresh and healthy, and without having to go outside to the shower trolley. Delivery, complete installation, dismantling and collection are all included in the total package! Does the renovation run late, or do you need the temporary shower cabin for longer? No problem, extension is always possible.

Do not hire a shower trolley but a mobile shower

The temporary shower cabin from Shower Service is easily connected by our fitter to an existing water point in your home such as a central heating boiler tap, a sink, or the kitchen tap. The drain has also been considered. It often goes together with washing machine drain, in a sink or a drain. You can always continue to use the washing machine, and the sink tap also remains available. So your temporary shower does not get in the way of your daily life. The mobile shower cabin measures 90 x 90 x 205, making it very spacious for showering, and at the same time not so large that it takes up too much space.

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