Shower cabin rental, which one suits me?

Are you now renovating, have a period of care where the shower is inaccessible or have a party where you want your guests to be able to shower. Shower cabins for hire are plentiful. However, there are many different shower solutions. In this article, we will show all the possible shower cabins for hire and discuss the pros and cons of them. For a shower cabin rental, there are plenty of different options.

Shower trolley

A shower trolley can be placed in a parking space near you. It generally consists of a changing room and a shower area. A shower trolley generally has a spacious superstructure and is usually equipped with a toilet. However, the downside is that you cannot step straight out of bed into your shower. You will first have to get dressed to go to the shower trolley. another disadvantage is that shower trolleys are usually very pricey. These prices range from 100 to 150 euros per week.

Outdoor shower

An outdoor shower can be placed in your garden or at an event venue, for example. You can hire this shower cabin with or without a changing room, so you can decide whether this is convenient for you. An advantage of these shower cabins is that they do not need to be in the house and therefore do not take up any space here. However, as with the shower trolley, you cannot enter the shower directly from your bed. However, this of course depends on how much privacy you have in your garden. Prices for an outdoor shower range from 65 to 100 euros per week. 

Dixi shower

dixi shower

We are all familiar with the dixi toilet, but what most of us do not know is that these models can also include a shower. The dixi shower can be placed anywhere outdoors but cannot be placed indoors. A disadvantage is obviously the appearance of these showers, but on a construction site, this might be a possible solution. You can rent such a shower cabin from 80 to 120 euros per week.

Shower cabin for the home

shower cabins for hire

The shower stall for the home comes in many shapes and sizes. The most ideal variant for the home can be placed anywhere, from the attic to the basement. Other options available are to drive inside and place it only in the living room, for example. The advantage of having the shower indoors is, of course, that you can maintain your normal shower routines during an already busy period of, say, a renovation. Since the shower can be placed anywhere in the house, you can always find a location where it won't be in the way. The price of these showers range from 55 to 120 euros per week. 

Care shower

Home care shower cabin

A care shower is a shower with an extra spacious structure so that it is possible to enter it with a wheelchair. There are also several options for closing it off, completely with a curtain or half with a door so that a carer can help with showering. Usually a ramp comes with the shower so that entry is easy. The shower is ideal during a period of care. The price of the care shower is usually per month rather than per week and often ranges from 295 to 500 euros per month. 



As you have seen in this article, there are many different options for shower cabin hire. Shower service offers several ideal solutions. For example, we have a robust but aesthetic bout shower, A indoor shower which can be placed anywhere in the house and offers a spacious and easily accessible care shower. All our showers are affordably priced and we deliver with a flexible and customer-oriented service. If, after reading this article, you know what kind of shower is best for your situation, you can easily buy this shower from us reserve.

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