Saving in the shower

Did you know that every Dutch person spends an average of 9 minutes in the shower 5 times a week? [] You use about 8 litres of water per minute showered. This is about 19,000 litres of water per year! Shower service bathroom. Mainly hot water is used and this requires gas with associated CO2 emissions. So with 4 minutes shorter showering, you save 8,000 litres of water per year. Saving in the shower is good for your wallet and the environment! Shower service therefore provides tips on how to shower in a more eco-friendly way, because if you want to save money in the shower: Shower Service Bathroom is the solution.

1. Water-saving Showerhead

By buying a water-saving shower head or economy shower, you can save as much as 20% of hot water per shower without even realising it. New technologies have ensured that you won't even notice that the shower head uses less water. Per year, you save around 45 euros on your water and energy bill. So an economy showerhead is good for the environment and your wallet. Showerheads from Shower Service are also good for saving water in the shower.

2. Water savers tap

Apart from the water-saving shower head, there are also water savers that you can attach in or to your tap that ensure that some of the water only passes through. In many cases, it only lets half the water through. As a result, besides saving water in the shower, you can also save water while washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

3. Thermostatic faucet

Besides the water saver for the tap or the water-saving shower head, you can also buy a thermostatic tap that gets to the desired temperature faster. With a thermostatic tap, you can adjust how hot you want the water to be and this takes less time so not too much water is lost in figuring out the right temperature.

4. Shorter showers

What better way to save water than by spending less time in the shower. If you shower 4 minutes shorter per shower turn, you will soon notice this in your wallet and help to improve the environment. Showering four minutes shorter amounts to a saving of around 9,000 litres of water and 65m3 of gas per person per year. This saves another 55 euros on your bill. By buying a shower timer, you can easily check whether you are actually showering shorter. You can also choose a song that lasts just long enough for one shower, which you then play while showering. Stopping the shower will then happen at exactly the right moment.

5. Shower-WTW

Shower Heat Recovery is best installed when remodelling a new bathroom or new build home. In fact, a small renovation is required to install the shower heat recovery system. Saving in the shower: Shower service bathroom. The hot water that flows into the drain during showering can be used to heat up the cold mains water. This ensures that the boiler does not have to fire as hard and thus saves energy. This can add up to 100m3 of gas per year, which of course benefits your wallet and the environment!

6. Solar water heater

Water can also be heated by the sun, this does not release CO2 and is therefore an environmentally friendly choice. This is done by a solar water heater. The sun shines on solar collectors located on the roof, heating the liquid from the solar collectors. This liquid is sent to a storage tank and then the water in this storage tank is heated. This hot water can now be sent around the whole house. The hot water is mixed with cold water (if necessary). If the sun is not shining, the boiler is switched on and this is where the hot water comes from. With one solar collector and a 100-litre boiler, you can save as much as 100m3 of gas per year. Nowadays, subsidies can be applied for when buying a solar boiler, making it even more attractive to buy one.

7. Showering instead of bathing

Everyone is in need of a bath sometimes, lying in the warm water to relax. But did you know that twice as much water is used during a bath than during a shower. More water also needs to be heated here. Once you are in the bath and the water gets colder after a while, extra hot water has to be added again. Still, think twice before bathing again.

In short: save in the shower: bathroom shower service

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