Emergency shower

Many questions arise during a bathroom renovation. A very important question, then, is where to shower if the bathroom is not usable. At the gym, next door or at friends' houses? To start your day fresh and healthy, it is essential to be able to continue showering at home. This is even more so if you have a family whose children play sports and study. At Shower service you can easily hire an emergency shower, which we will install and dismantle at your premises. 

Shower service specialises in installing mobile shower cabins. We can place the emergency shower almost anywhere, think kitchen, living room, hall, bedroom or even in the attic. Even the type of tap is not a limiting factor. Do you only have cold water? Then we will provide a hot water supply or boiler so that you have hot water and can shower as usual. 

Onze werkplaats medewerker tijdens het reinigen van de douches

Our temporary shower

Our emergency shower is made of white ABS plastic. This makes the shower cabin stable and easy to keep clean. When you hire our emergency shower and we install it, it is therefore meticulously cleaned. The temporary shower features a water-saving shower head, a mixer tap with ceramic discs and a shower curtain. In addition a boiler or hot water supply included if you do not have hot water. The dimensions of the shower cabin are: 90 x 90 x 205 cm. The shower cabin is fully dismountable, allowing it to be placed anywhere in your home, even in hard-to-reach places. We will place the emergency shower in the location most convenient for you. Would you like to hire an emergency shower? You can do so via our booking form.

Always showering at home?

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