Why hire an emergency shower

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Or a repair? Then you know you won't be able to use your own shower during that period. Renting an emergency shower is then an ideal solution. It will prevent you from having to take your towel to the local gym or to a family member to take a shower.

Shower service is happy to help you out in this inconvenience. We can help with a temporary shower facility which will be installed at your home. We take this mobile shower cabin as a kit and can assemble it on site in a place that is convenient for you. For example, in the kitchen, living room, shed or even in the attic.

Where can the rented emergency shower be located?

To create a temporary emergency shower to install, we only need two things:

1) A supply. This can be any kind of tap - hot or cold. Taps are usually found in (utility) kitchens, toilets, laundry rooms, garages and gardens. Doesn't the tap have hot water? No problem, we will bring a hot water supply. To connect the hot water supply, we do need a nearby socket.

2) A drain. Consider sinks, sinks and washing machine drains. In an emergency, a gutter can also be used.

So what dimensions should you consider when looking for a suitable location at your home for the temporary shower? Our shower is 90 x 90 cm and 210 cm high, but to assemble it we need a space of about 150 x 110 x 210 cm.

Emergency shower rental?

Are you interested in renting an emergency shower? Then you can make a no-obligation reservation on our website via the online booking form. After this, we will take contact with you to discuss the possibilities and make a possible appointment.

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