Movable shower

mobile shower rental At a competitive price? That is possible at Shower service!
Are you going to renovate the bathroom? Or are you (temporarily) disabled and want to be able to continue showering on the ground floor? In these cases, we are happy to be your partner and have a portable shower for rent!

Mobile shower rental from Shower Service

We deliver All-In: the price includes delivery, full installation, and dismantling. Shower Service's portable shower is 90 x 90 x 205 cm, making it very spacious for use and not too big for your home. Shower service is the rental company for an emergency shower, care shower or temporary shower cabin.

Rebuilding? Shower service has a portable shower for rent for you!

Remodelling your bathroom is fun and exciting, but also inconvenient. Because where will you shower during the renovation? Always taking a towel to the neighbours, your family or friends is obviously not ideal, especially if you have a tight schedule.

Fortunately, Shower Service has the solution: our portable showers we place anywhere in the house, where it is convenient for you. For example, the bedroom, living room, kitchen, attic or garage. We provide hot water by installing one of our hot water systems in your home and we also take care of the supply and drainage. So you can continue to shower at home while the bathroom is being renovated.

Mobile shower with boiler rental

You can also hire a mobile shower cabin with boiler from us. With every shower we offer for hire, we supply a drainage pump and boiler free of charge if required. As our boilers work electrically, we need a power connection for the mobile shower cabin with boiler. It is also important to have a cold water point and a drain option for the shower.

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