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How to make your own mobile shower cabin for a bathroom remodelling project?

Remodelling a bathroom can be a difficult and time-consuming job, especially with the current scarcity in the remodelling market. What if you still like to shower while remodelling? In that case, a mobile shower cabin can be the answer. In this article, we will show you how to make your own mobile shower cabin that you can use at home during remodelling.

Step 1: Location search

The most important thing if you are going to DIY a mobile shower cabin is choosing the right location. The location should have a drainage facility and a hot water supply. Furthermore, you should also consider the substrate, as this cannot be a moisture-sensitive surface.

Step 2: Collecting materials

To start with, you will of course need materials to make the mobile shower cabin. You will at least need a waterproof cover for the sides, such as a shower curtain, tarpaulin or plastic sheets. You will also need a shower head, shower head holder and a hose for the tap. Also, depending on your drain option, you will need a shower tray fitted with a pump with a drain hose. Should you have a drain well on site, this is not necessary.

Step 3: Build the frame

To make the shower cabin sturdy, you need a frame. This can be built with PVC pipes or wooden slats. The frame should be large enough to hold the shower curtain or tarpaulin. Build the frame on top of the drain or shower tray.

Step 4: Mount the shower head

Now that the frame is built, it is time to mount the shower head, this is best done at the frame. Attach the hose to the shower head and the tap so that the water can be connected.

Step 5: Add the drain

Should you have a drain, this is not necessary. Should that not be the case, you should connect the pump to the shower tray and connect it to a drain with a hose.

Step 6: Hang the shower curtain or tarpaulin

Now that the frame has been built, the shower head fitted and the drain added, it is time to hang the shower curtain or tarpaulin. This provides privacy while showering and prevents water from spreading to other parts of the room.


A mobile shower enclosure can be a great solution for people who want to keep showering during a bathroom renovation. Making a mobile shower is not that difficult and can be done with a few simple materials. With the steps we have outlined above, you can make your own mobile shower that you can safely use during your bathroom renovation. That way, you won't have to wait until the renovation is completed before you can enjoy a hot shower again.

If you are not so handy yourself or do not have a suitable location to build the shower yourself, check out the showers from shower service. With us you rent a temporary shower cubicle for just €195 for 2 weeks. For many people, this is a cheaper/easier solution to bridge the bathroom renovation period. So if you are going to renovate your bathroom soon, make sure you can at least keep showering at home whatever the solution is for you.

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