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Do you ever sing in the shower? Singing songs while your family is listening. Or maybe you never sing in the shower and you are a real star in karaoke, the whole bar enjoying that one song you already know by heart. But what if you could do karaoke in the shower? Shower service provides karaoke showers for parties and events. Recently, we were with the karaoke shower at café de Bonte Os in Delft!

Singing contests under the karaoke shower

The origins of the karaoke shower from Delft

Student union AEGEE Delft asked Doucheservice to create a karaoke shower for the party 'Het Collectief' which took place last March. Doucheservice was keen to help in this project and transformed two showers into karaoke showers. In a karaoke shower, the shower head was replaced by a microphone and the shower was illuminated by different-coloured LED lights. Song lyrics were projected on a screen placed in front of the shower stall. Participants sang a song together or sang against each other, with the one with the most correct pitches winning!

Karaoke shower for your party or event?

On the day of the event, we bring two temporary showers with us and we assemble them on the spot in a suitable place. We dress them up nicely with some lights and on request we can even bring a smoke machine for the real special effects. At a party or event, a wet suit is not advisable and to prevent this, we do not connect the shower to the tap. So singing along falsely has no consequences! In addition to the showers, we also bring a computer with accompanying karaoke programme and two microphones. We can project the lyrics onto a (picture) screen or wall. If you have request songs that absolutely must be sung at the event, just request them from us and we will make it happen.

Karaoke shower in café de Bonte Os Delft

Café de Bonte Os is a sports bar which is located in Delft. It is located in the centre of Delft. There is plenty to do in the café: you can play pool, darts or watch a sports match. Of course, you can also just have a drink at the bar. Besides all this, they also offer a dish of the day at a nice price. At the café, they are ready for reservations for parties such as our karaoke nights!

Student union AEGEE Delft organises an annual party called 'Het Collectief'. Last edition, more than 300 students attended this party and it was the first time karaoke showers were present at this party. All partying students were able to test out the karaoke showers. There were two showers next to each other and in front of the showers was a big beamer showing the lyrics. It was a competition against each other, the one with the most correct pitches won! Of course, songs were also sung together. During the party, many positive reactions were received about the shower karaoke from the students from delft, they thought it was a very original idea to turn showers into karaoke showers.

Were the karaoke showers "Delft student-proof"?

Everything comes to an end, including the party. Everything had to be cleaned up, but the big question now, of course, is whether the karaoke showers survived. Because what would be left of the showers after an evening of karaoke with partying students? The morning after, the showers were collected and the damage was assessed and apart from a few broken LED lights, there was no damage to the showers! So we can say that the karaoke are student-proof!

Karaoke shower rental?

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Singing in a karaoke shower in Delft

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