Hot water rental

Why rent a hot water heater?

Who doesn't know it. The building manager has cut off the hot water due to maintenance, your boiler is broken or the boiler mechanic is busy. In short, you no longer have hot water. Then renting a hot water supply is the perfect solution. At Shower service you can easily rent a hot water supply. We will deliver and fully install the hot water supply so that it can be used immediately. After use, we will of course collect it again free of charge. Showerservice rents out two types of water heaters. Our large hot water unit contains 50 litres of water. We also have a compact hot water heater that holds 15 litres of water. But thanks to a smart heater, you can still use hot water for a long time.

Renting a hot water supply

Electric hot water supplies are often used in homes where there is no gas connection or they are installed additionally to the heating system. Electric hot water supplies are perfectly suited to heating up a lot of water in a short time. The water is heated by means of heating elements. As a result, you always have enough hot water when you need it. So you can keep showering, cooking and washing up. No ventilation or exhaust gases are needed. Therefore, we place the boiler wherever you want in your home. We can also connect the hot water supply to any water tap or point. Only a free socket is needed for the hot water supply to work. Supply and drain hoses are supplied by Shower Service with the hot water supply at no extra cost. Today's hot water supply is energy-efficient and also efficient thanks to new technology.

Efficient and sustainable

Sustainability is paramount at Shower Service, which is why we rent out these economical hot water facilities. The hot water systems from Shower service have a high efficiency. Almost 97% of the input energy is converted into heat. A downside of many hot water facilities is standstill loss. Standstill loss is the drop in water temperature. With Shower Service's hot water systems, you do not suffer from this. To save energy, standstill loss from the boiler is prevented and limited as much as possible. The facilities are well insulated with 100 per cent Pur foam that is CFC-free. Thus, losses are much lower than other hot water supplies. Thus, together with you, we contribute to a better environment and you also save on costs. That's good for nature and your wallet!

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