Festival shower

festival shower

Festival shower: convenience and comfort for any event

These days, an unforgettable festival is not just about cool artists and a great atmosphere. A bit of confort and gamak makes for a finer place for a larger crowd. An essential aspect of this endeavour is the provision of adequate sanitary facilities. This is where our new festival shower comes in, a versatile solution that can be serialised for both large and small festivals, adapting to the needs of each event.

Festival shower serialisation

This festival shower is designed with scalability and efficiency in mind. Whether it is an intimate music festival in a park or a large-scale event on a vast festival site. These showers can be easily attached to each other, making the number of showers easily scalable. This makes it easy to adapt to the size of the festival. So as an organiser, you always have the option of scaling up or down without hassle.

Freedom of choice in changing rooms

The festival shower comes with an innovative twist: the choice between a shower with or without a changing area. This meets the diverse needs of festival-goers and
organisers. The shower without dressing area has compact dimensions of 90x90x205, allowing efficient use of space. For those who want a bit more privacy, the shower with dressing area with dimensions of 180x90x205 offers a more spacious option.

Adaptable set-up

The strength of this festival shower lies in the adaptability of the set-up. Organisers can arrange the showers based on what works best for their space to be used. Whether it is a linear arrangement along a path, a square arrangement for a sense of community, or even a combination of both, this shower seamlessly adapts to the ideal configuration for any festival.

In short, the new festival shower offers a pioneering solution for sanitation at festivals. With the ability to be easily placed in series for both large and small events, the choice between a shower with or without a changing area, and the customisable set-up, this shower is a gamechanger for organisers striving for a seamless and comfortable festival experience for their visitors. Add this innovation to your festival planning and guarantee a memorable and worry-free time for everyone. Placing a quote can be done by phone our number can be found on our contact page.

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