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A bathroom renovation can be a challenging task. Especially since you may not have access to a working shower during the renovation. This can be a source of stress for many people, especially if you find it annoying to shower at a neighbour's or gym. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: renting an emergency shower.

What is an emergency shower?

An emergency shower is a temporary solution you can rent during a bathroom renovation. It allows you to shower at another location in your own home. This allows you to continue showering easily and comfortably at home during the renovation. The shower cubicle is demountable, making it possible to place the shower anywhere in the house. For example, the shower can be placed from the basement to the attic provided there is enough space. 

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Points of attention when renting an emergency shower

Renting an emergency shower is easy via our website. When renting an emergency shower, you need to consider several factors. One of the most important factors is the size and location of the temporary shower. So what dimensions should you consider when looking for a suitable location at your home for the temporary shower? Our shower is 90 x 90 cm and 210 cm high, but to assemble it we need a space of around 150 x 110 x 210 cm. Don't forget the surface on which the shower stands. When you get out of the shower, water can naturally spill onto the floor. For this reason, Doucheservice always advises placing the shower on a surface that is not susceptible to moisture.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the supply and discharge of water. The supply can be done with any kind of tap - both hot and cold. Taps are usually found in (utility) kitchens, toilets, laundry rooms, garages and gardens. Doesn't the tap have hot water? No problem, we will bring a hot water supply. To connect the hot water supply, we do need a nearby socket. For drainage, you can think of sinks, sinks and washing machine drains.

Total package Temporary Shower

Two weeks of carefree showering, All-In


2 Weeks

For more information and the full explanation of what is included in the price, please visit our price page.

Rental period

Before renting the shower stall, estimate when to when you want to rent the shower. Make sure you rent the shower for enough time to cover the entire duration of the renovation. Fortunately, if the renovation takes longer than planned, you can always extend the rental period without any problem.

Renting an emergency shower during a bathroom renovation can be a great solution to continue showering comfortably in your own home. If you want to rent a shower stall from Shower Service, you can use the booking form fill in, we will contact you for an informative discussion without any obligation.

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