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Emergency shower for rent in Utrecht

Would you like to hire an emergency shower in Utrecht? Then you are at the right address with Doucheservice Nederland. We simply install the emergency shower at your home, in Utrecht. 

Hire emergency shower in Utrecht, how does it work?

Are you temporarily unable to use your shower due to bathroom renovations? That's annoying, but there is a good solution! At Doucheservice Nederland you can get a mobile shower cabin Renting. We simply install our emergency showers at your home, in Utrecht.

How does it work? After you have completed the booking form Once you have filled out the form, we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment. Our moneurs will come to your home to install the mobile shower cabin. Because of the robust nature of our temporary showers, it is possible to install the emergency shower all over the house. Think of the living room, kitchen, shed or even the attic. The water supply and drainage will also be arranged for you. For further information, please visit our website or do you take contact with us.

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Who are we?

In 2016, Doucheservice started with just a shower stall. Now we are a nationwide company with employees from all regions who have a passion for good service. We use this passion to make your emergency shower facility as simple and easy as possible. To install your emergency shower efficiently, our technicians are well trained. We believe in transparent and clear pricing, so there are no unexpected costs. So if you live in Utrecht and you need a mobile shower cabin, Doucheservice is the right place for you.


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