Bouwcontainer op straat, tijdens de badkamerverbouwing

Showering during the renovation

Your old bathroom needs replacing and now you have finally decided. The old bathroom is going to be rebuilt after all. There is a lot involved in such a bathroom rebuilding. Demolition, electrical installation, tiling and so on. The sanitary can be placed and then you can enjoy the new rain shower! A bathroom renovation like this can sometimes take weeks. During this time you cannot use your own shower. To prevent you from having to take your towel to the neighbours every day, Douche service has the solution! Doucheservice can install a temporary shower in your house. This way, you can simply shower during the renovation!

A temporary shower is the solution, but how does it work?

Have you decided to rent a temporary shower facility for the renovation? Then take the following steps:

  1. You fill in here Fill in the reservation form.
  2. Following the completed reservation form, the Service Desk will contact you. We will then discuss the placement of the temporary shower facility. The date and time of the installation will be discussed and the location for the shower will be determined. You will then receive an email with information about the installation of the shower.
  3. The Service Engineer will come by at the agreed date and time with the temporary shower facility. The Service Engineer will install the shower and explain how to use it.
  4. After the installation, you can use the shower for as long as you like.
  5. Four days before the expiry date, you will be contacted again to schedule a disassembly appointment. Do you need the shower a little longer? No problem, if you indicate this during the phone call, you will be contacted again one week later. When the dismantling appointment is scheduled, you will again receive an e-mail with the information about the dismantling appointment.
  6. The service engineer comes by at the agreed date and time to dismantle the temporary shower facility. He will take all parts back with him and leave everything neat and tidy.
  7. If all goes well, your bathroom renovation has been a success and you can now use your long-awaited new shower!


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