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Are you disabled? Then showering at home can sometimes become an awkward and unsafe situation for you. Being disabled can prevent you from climbing the stairs to the bathroom, or showering standing up. To still be able to continue showering in a pleasant, accessible and safe way, you can hire a care shower from Shower Service. This consists of a spacious shower tray with an anti-slip layer and (optionally) a chair and/or ramp for a wheelchair. The care shower is placed at a convenient location in your living area. 

Showering during unpleasant situations: care shower hire

Is a care shower suitable for me?

The wind against you for a while... Despite the unpleasant situation, hygiene remains incredibly important. We at Shower Service like to help people who are currently unable to use their own shower. Think of older people who can no longer walk up the stairs, people weakened by illness, nasty leg or hip fractures and/or side effects such as back pain and pelvic instability due to pregnancy. Renting a care shower is the perfect solution during this situation. This shower cabin provides disabled people with limited mobility with a pleasant shower experience. In addition, the low folding doors of our care shower make it ideal for people who benefit from assisted showering with the help of a home care worker. This enables them to continue showering at home without having to live in a care home, for example.

How do I get a care shower in my home?

Shower service installs a care shower at your home! Due to the flexibility with which we can place this shower, we meet your location requirement. For example, we can place it in the living room, bedroom and/or the ground floor. Our showers are always supplied with hot water by means of our mobile hot water units. These provide your desired water temperature and you can set them yourself very easily. All we need is access to a tap.

From our locations in Delft, Groningen and Nijmegen, we prepare our showers. We make them spotless after every dismantling and before every installation so that you always shower hygienically. We rent throughout the Netherlands 7 days a week. So we make sure the pleasant shower experience stays in your home.

We will be happy to discuss further details with you. contact with us via email, phone, Whatsapp or the contact form on the website.

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