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Shower service and your business

Business customers can also enjoy the Shower Service formula. We provide our full service for your clients. This way, you can offer your clients the possibility of continuing to shower comfortably during the renovation.

Our Shower

Due to the robust construction of our showers, they can be placed anywhere in the house. Water supply and drainage are also provided. We also provide a hot water supply if this is not available at the intended location. 

Shower cubicle

Our Business Service

Pleasant Customer Experience

Our mechanics work from 9:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week. This makes us very flexible and we come at a time that is convenient for the customer. Because of our service, the customer also experiences the renovation as pleasant.

Clear point of contact

We have set up a business contact for you where all your questions can be answered. This is very convenient.

We arrange everything

We take care of the contact with the customer. From scheduling the installation appointment to dismantling the temporary shower. This way, you don't have to spend any time on it.

Clear Invoice afterwards

We will send a clear invoice to your company. If you are a partner of ours, you can simply pay the invoice afterwards.

No Deposit

We do not charge a deposit for renting the shower. This saves a lot of administrative work for all parties.

Fast service

We are able to quickly install new showers. So even if something suddenly goes wrong, it is possible to have a quick solution.

Our prices

Total package

Two weeks of carefree showering, All-In

Two Weeks


Excl. VAT


Renewal is possible at any time and without limitation.

Per week


Excl. VAT

Per day


Excl. VAT

Please note: Our total package is valid in the province of Zuid-Holland and largely in the northern provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland. Outside this area we charge a one-off transport surcharge ranging from €10 to €45.

Business Contact

Would you like to experience our shower service business?

Register for our Shower Service partner programme via the contact form. One of our account managers will contact you.

Our account managers can be reached at or by calling 06 235 698 11. For one-off requests please contact us at booking form fill in.

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