Outdoor shower rental

outdoor shower rental

Renting an outdoor shower from shower service

At shower service, you can easily hire an outdoor shower especially for your garden. This can be a solution in many circumstances. For example, during a bathroom renovation, a wedding in your garden or an outdoor sports event. The outdoor shower has a spacious cabin and you can hire a changing room as well. It is also possible to hire several showers from us, which can be neatly attached to each other. 

Dimensions of the outdoor shower

The outdoor shower comes with an innovative twist: the choice between a shower with or without a dressing area. The shower without dressing area has compact dimensions of 90x90x205, allowing for efficient use of space. For those who want a bit more privacy, the shower with dressing area with dimensions of 180x90x205 offers a more spacious option.

Price for renting an outdoor shower

Connection and hot water supply

The shower can be connected to your garden hose connection or another tap. The afvoor can be in your garden in a drain or for example the drain of your rain pipe. The shower can be connected to a hot water connection if you have one in your garden. If this is not the case, that's no problem either - we supply a boiler with it at no extra charge. 

If you need an outdoor shower in the near future, you have come to the right place. You can hire an outdoor shower at a low price and with good service. For more information, please contact us via our contact page.

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