Shower service and BAUHAUS

You've decided to remodel your bathroom and bought everything from BAUHAUS, then we have good news. As a customer of BAUHAUS you can have a temporary shower rent from us with extra advantage. So shower service and BAUHAUS together ensure that you can shower comfortably in your home even during the renovation.

The temporary shower

The temporary shower from shower service can be placed anywhere in the house and is comfortably spacious. The shower is equipped with drain pump and hot water supply. Thus, the shower can also be placed near a cold water supply. We install our showers 7 days a week and even in the evening we can install our showers. If the renovation takes longer, that is no problem for us. We do not collect the shower until your renovation is complete.


Are you interested in renting a temporary shower from shower service? Book then shower with us now and don't forget the BAUHAUS discount code on our total package. That way you can be sure of the best price.

Our Service, with Shower.

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