Koen Ruijgrok

Movable shower

Want to hire a portable shower at a competitive price? Is your bathroom being renovated? Or are you (temporarily) disabled and want to continue showering on the ground floor? In these cases, we would like to be your partner and have a portable shower for rent! Mobile shower rental from Shower Service We deliver All-In: at the ...

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Tijdelijke douchecabine

Rent a shower cabin

You can rent a mobile shower cabin at a competitive price from Shower Service. Will you be renovating your bathroom soon? Are you (temporarily) disabled and would you like to shower on the ground floor? In all cases, we are happy to offer you our service by renting our shower cabins! Shower cabin hire from Showerservice We provide a full service: delivery, full installation, ...

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Besparen onder de douche

Wist je dat elke Nederlander gemiddeld 5 keer per week 9 minuten onder de douche staat? [ad.nl] Je gebruikt per gedouchte minuut ongeveer 8 liter water. Dit is per jaar ongeveer 19.000 liter water! Doucheservice badkamer. Er wordt voornamelijk warm water gebruikt en hiervoor is gas nodig met bijbehorende CO2 uitstoot. Met 4 minuten korter …

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Rent a shower truck

Choice between a shower truck and a mobile shower You are renovating or building up, or in any other situation where you cannot use your own shower. A logical choice is then to look for a temporary solution, such as renting a shower trolley. However, a shower truck is very large and awkward, which can ...

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Temporary boiler hire

Renting a temporary boiler It happens often. You have no hot water due to boiler replacement, your boiler is broken or the boiler mechanic is busy. In short, you can no longer take a hot shower. Then renting an electric boiler is a simple solution. At Shower Service, you can very easily rent a ...

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Hot water rental

Why rent a hot water heater? Who doesn't know. The building manager has shut off the hot water due to maintenance, your boiler is broken or the boiler mechanic is busy. In short, you no longer have hot water. Then renting a hot water supply is the perfect solution. You can easily rent a hot water supply from Shower Service. We will come and deliver the ...

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