General Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Applicability
The General Terms and Conditions for Temporary Showers apply to the contract for the hire of a temporary shower from the Shower Service. This temporary shower includes a shower cabin, any pump and any hot water supply.

Article 2: Duration of the Agreement
The rental agreement is entered into for a minimum of 2 weeks. When determining the duration of the agreement, a part of a day shall count as a whole day. The duration is indicated by setting an end date for the rental. The shower is installed on the date of signature.

Article 3: Installation of the shower cabin
The shower cabin is installed and connected by the Shower Service and removed at the end of the rental agreement.

Article 4: Damage or defects
The user is obliged to report any damage or defect to the Shower Service immediately during the rental period. The Shower Service may only carry out repairs or other work on the rented object.

Article 5: User's obligations
The user is obliged to use the rented object only in accordance with the purpose for which it was made available. No changes may be made to the rented property and the shower cabin may not be moved by the user after placement and installation by the Showerservice, unless this has been agreed to otherwise by the Showerservice. The user will handle the rented object with care and diligence.

Article 6: Use of temporary shower
The user must provide a lockable tap to which the temporary shower can be connected. During the rental period of the temporary shower, the user is obliged to shut off the water supply immediately after taking a shower. The Shower Service will provide a splitter with an extra shut-off valve between the water supply and the shower, as it usually does for a dishwasher or washing machine. For ease of use, the extra shut-off valve can be used to shut off the water. The Shower Service is not liable for damage/consequences caused by not providing a working shut-off valve, the consequences/damage of a not properly working shut-off valve or the consequences/damage of not adhering to the shut-off of the water supply immediately after use.

Article 7: Risks and costs
From the moment the shower cabin is installed at the user's premises until the end of the agreement, when the obligations of article 4 or 5 are not met, all risks of the rented object are for the user. The costs of necessary repairs to the rented property resulting from non-fulfilment of the obligations by the user shall be borne by the user. Costs caused by leakage of water from the temporary shower or possible power failure are for the user.

Article 8: Payment
The rental/connection charges as well as any costs payable by the user pursuant to the rental agreement must be paid before the date stated on the invoice. If the tenant fails to pay on time, he shall be in default by operation of law. If the hirer remains in default of payment even after a reminder, he shall also be liable for collection costs. Collection costs are understood to mean all costs incurred by the Doucheservice, judicially and extrajudicially, for the collection of the amount due.

Article 9: Liability
The Shower Service is not liable for damage or loss as a result of fire, electric current, water leakage or any other cause resulting from the non-functioning or improper functioning of the rented property or any part thereof, if the above articles are not complied with. This also applies to cables, wires and hoses.

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