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We solve any situation without a shower

We believe that a comfortable shower is indispensable. We install our self-developed temporary showers throughout the Netherlands. Our name Shower Service was not chosen at random. Our top priority is to provide excellent service. 

Our branches

Besides our headquarters in Delft, we also have locations in Nijmegen and Groningen. Here, we also have a showroom where you can see and test our products. If you are curious about our company, please visit one of our locations for a delicious cup of coffee.


Shower Service was founded in 2018 by Karoen and Floris from their studies at the Delft University of Technology. By dumb luck, they ran into the inconvenience of "not being able to shower at home during a renovation". So they decided to start a service that solves this problem and lets people experience their renovation comfortably. In the five years of the company's existence, everything has grown at a rapid pace. Our biggest milestones can be seen in the image below. 

Service engineer at the CH tap for water supply


Showerservice is a proffesional organisation with extensive knowledge of installation technology. We also have in-house VCA knowledge and a BHV organisation. 


We like to contribute to society. For instance, we sponsor student associations and local sports clubs. We are also committed to charities and volunteers.


Dhour sustainability is an important issue for us. That is why we have solar panels on the roofs of all our premises and use heat pumps for heating.

Our service, with shower.

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Open chat
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